Saturday, September 1, 2012

Operation SPLINTER SPINDLES Complete

The de-spindling in pictures.

Here is how we began this process, with spindles that dated the house even more so than the wallpaper.

The spindles, along with their brethren trim, rest on a couch from their era. Ah the '80s. The garage may also need an update in the future, you think?

Look new spindles! Well that's what it felt like when my husband was framing up the gaping hole left in the wall after my debilitating need to remove spindles was quenched. We were lucky there was a decent frame in the rest of the wall that our new frame could attach to.

The next steps were to fill in the holes with drywall, tape the edges, and then putty like crazy! I puttied, sanded, reputtied, and resanded for what felt like days. I wanted it perfect. And we got close.

This was our end result ... after we hired someone to come help us perfect our putty job. The wall itself was a bit too 'wavy' for lack of a better word. We love DIY, but sometimes a professional is necessary. 
After we painted, it was time for trim. Look at that helpful puppy! The base board was relatively easy. First we painted it and then we started shaving off piece by piece until they each fit perfectly. I was lucky Ben was patient because I would have just measured to what I thought was the perfect fit and CHOP! He measured to what he thought would fit and then shaved off a little less. It took a few tries per board, but it came out beautifully.

We didn't replace the trim around the recessed part of the ceiling, but I did paint it. Slowly. But not as slowly as it took to put up the crown molding.

Crown molding looks beautiful, but I would have to seriously weigh the benefits with the amount of effort that went into to putting it up. In the dining room, I'd do it again. I love it so much!

Bay feels safe with Ben. Ben had a nail gun. Bay was scared of the nail gun, but still felt safer right next Ben and therefore the nail gun. Silly girl!

So this is what it looked like when we moved in. This is your before picture.

This is the after picture! Still needs a few more things on the walls, but at least there isn't wallpaper on the walls! We also have to paint and redo the trim in the living room, but one project at a time!

As you can see, we also replaced the old light fixture with one I love! We also put up some curtains to replace the blinds that were held up with bandaids (yes bandaids), added a few pictures, and replaced the gold vent with one that blends in with the ceiling (why you want an air vent that draws attention is beyond me). Someday we will replace the floor and sliding door, but for now we're happy with the final result.


Chris Kapraun said...

Looks beautiful! What an improvement, you guys did great!

Karina and Ben said...

Thank you! We're definitely excited to be making it our own!

Michelle Adamowski said...

Wow all your work is amazing!! Your home is looking more beautiful by the day!! :-) i love reading your blog Karina!

Karina and Ben said...

Thanks, Michelle. We love working on it. Thanks for reading!

Debbie Thompson said...

I can see you two worked really hard and it payed off. It is so rewarding to do a job yourself. It is so lovely. The floor looks great to me from the pictures as it is. God Bless you in your sweet home!