Monday, April 22, 2013

Master Bedroom Worth the Wait

Life has been ridiculously busy lately, but abundantly blessed. However, that has translated into little to no blogging, but after a recent perfect purchase, I had to show you our master bedroom renovation. It actually began at the end of December, but I didn't have all the pieces until last weekend. Now it's finally ready for a post all of its own.

This is the waaay before picture. Can you see the potential?

Notice the dirty walls, dark trim, gold light plate, etc. It stayed like this for a year :(

Not water damage luckily in the picture below, but ugly all the same.

First, find the kitty? Not sure how she got up there, but we were impressed. Also notice the blinds. Yes, some are missing, but also some are being held up with bandaids. Lovely. Again, we had these up for a year, but other projects just kept coming up first.

It was well worth the wait! After some paint, new trim, a new ceiling fan, furniture, and accessories, our master bedroom finally feels like a true retreat! Take a look.

The final piece was the mirror above the bed. The room only has the sliding doors so I wanted to bring in something that would cast light around the room. But let me tell you, huge mirrors don't come cheap. We found several we loved at Pier 1 and places like that but at a $200 price tag or more. I just couldn't justify that for a mirror I wouldn't even use to look in! So after several months of casually searching I found it! Kohls is my favorite. This mirror also had a $200 price tag, but after awesome sales, a coupon, and a discount for a scratch you can only see if I point it out, we got it for about $40.

And how perfect is it? It has swirls along the edges just like the frames we received for our wedding and like the curtains I found for the sliding door that let in the light, but still provide some privacy.

It was a long process, but I love it.