Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I had been craving to paint something for months before we purchased our home. Just ask Ben how many times I went to the store to purchase paint because I had to put color somewhere in our apartment other than the stains on the carpet (oh apartment living). I kept promising I would paint it back before we moved, but being the very wise hubby that he is, Ben made me realize there was no point to pour money into a project we couldn’t keep.
So you can imagine how excited I was to paint our house … and EVERYTHING needs paint. 

My sights were set on the guest room first because my sister and her husband were coming to visit. We live in Florida, but you wouldn’t know it in my neighborhood. It looks like the middle of Montana with all the pine trees, pine straw, and pinecones. But I still wanted my guests to get that “beach” feeling. Of course the color had to have the right name – sea foam. Well sea foam was a bit light so we went with sundrenched kelp. Not as soothing sounding, but I wasn’t painting the words on the wall, just the color.

Gotta love mine and the hub's pajama pants, right? 

After the walls, we painted the trim, old side tables, and the original closet doors white. Then we painted them again. Oh and then again. And yep, one more time.

 I can officially say I got my fill of painting; so much so I think hiring someone to do it next time is absolutely brilliant! That or have one of those super fun painting parties because you know how fun dusting, taping, re-taping, and painting a thousand and one coats is. Maybe some of my friends will help if I supply enough wine …

Regardless of the workload, I couldn't have been more pleased with the end results. We'd do a few things differently, but I think our visitors will feel like hotel guests.