Friday, November 6, 2015

Fireplace Facelift

Let me tell you the things I didn't like about our fireplace.

The stone
The color
The trim
The huge mantel
The huge vertical pieces of the mantel
The gold strip
The jetting out stone on the hearth

What I did like includes:

It was a fireplace

You get the idea. So I am just over the moon about our facelift! All the credit goes to my dad on this one. He found the new stone, demoed the old, and then recovered the fireplace. We purchased the mantel and picked out the stone on top of the hearth. Easiest. Reno. Yet. Thanks Dad!

Now for pictures of the process. Tip for anyone doing something similar: Cover EVERYTHING! I had no idea it would be that dusty.

Before. See. Pretty bad.

Buh bye!

We liked it better just like this.

Progress. Also, highly recommend Mantels Direct if you want a mantel ASAP. It arrived in about 28 hours! 

Finished product :)

I like that the stone ties in with our backsplash tile in the kitchen too. It seems to tie the spaces together a bit. 

So happy with the results.