Friday, September 28, 2012

Who Doesn't Like Baby Chicks?

To promote that Ben and I have started teaching natural family planning (NFP) classes, we decided to start a blog, put together a page on our young adult website, and blew up social media. We thought we were on top of it, but do you know what almost everyone has asked us for? A business card. And people said paper was dying. In my husband's mind it still is and he wants to "bump" phones together to trade contact information via air waves (or whatever), but I decided to take the "old fashioned" approach!

It's a little quirky, a bit puzzling, but you have to admit ... it's cute. I saw it and thought, "I like it, but I'm guessing that's where it stops." I decided to pass it up for a more floral pattern, but kept coming back to this because honestly it kind of is the perfect fit for NFP.

It has healthy fruit on it. We promote health through the use of NFP.

It's got a baby chick on it. We deal with sex and the creation of new life. Hello, baby chicks are like the international symbol for life.

It's a modern(isn) design. We teach a modern form of NFP.

Thus, my thinking behind our new (coming soon) business cards, which I will from here on out call "class appointment cards" because on the back there's space for just that. Hopefully we get them soon and can start passing them out and filling them out!

P.S. Don't say you don't like them because I just ordered a kazillion. It was only $5 more!

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