Friday, January 18, 2013

We're expecting!

It's not a secret anymore! We're expecting at the end of July!

We're so excited and no it wasn't an NFP fail haha, but that's another story. I found out on my 25th birthday. Ben thought it would be funny if that were to occur so I went back to take the test. I didn't think it was a possibility so I didn't even wait for him. When I saw that other window start to fill in I screamed, "You better get back here!" He was in the middle of making dinner, but I told him dinner could officially wait!

This is Bina (my sister's name for the baby; it's a hybrid of mine and Ben's names) at 12 weeks.

We've had a blast telling everyone over the last few weeks. All the reactions were priceless though I was sad we didn't get Ben's parents' on camera. :( Enjoy!

Kelsey freaking out at our news! She's a photographer, but on Thanksgiving we took her pictures. At one point Ben says, "Hey, take our picture." She's about to when she says, "Ben, get your hand off her stomach. That looks weird." Ben says, "But it's baby's first picture." She freaked out!
Yeah! Our baby is going to have the best aunt!

This is what we got Ben's parents with the 8-week ultrasound picture. It looked more like an alien then haha.

This is the frame we got my mom. Love them both!

Mom opening her present. Love my dad's face.

Love Ben's smile.

Thank you Kelsey for these pieces of art!!

My mom goes on repeat when she's really excited. It was definitely the reaction we were expecting, but I never thought she wouldn't believe it for so long.

Emily, my sister in law, is 20 weeks pregnant so I'm so excited we get to be pregnant together! She is thrilled her three boys and soon-to-be girl will have a cousin!

And we gave the grandparents pink and blue flowers :)

So there you have it! The secret is officially out to everyone!

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