Saturday, January 5, 2013

A Walk-in Gift

In passing I suppose I may have mentioned (out loud, in the isle of lights at the home improvement store, while standing next to my husband) that ever girl with a walk-in closet needs a chandelier to go with. It's just one of life's little perks if you should be so lucky. Well I have a walk-in closet, but not the chandelier. For Christmas, my amazing hubby read my mind and took care of adding some bling.

See?! How pretty is that. Makes waking up in the morning and heading to the closet to get ready for the work day just a bit more fun.

He spent almost four hours putting the thing up though. He had to access the attic (luckily there's access in our closet), unmount the can light, install a ceiling brace to hold the weight of the new light, and then actually install the light. It was a process and I have no idea how he knows how to do all this. Truly I'd still be living with spindles if it wasn't for his handiness! Someday I'll make him write down some of the technical stuff he does to make our house a home.

So there's my Christmas present, but the real gift is my wonderful husband <3 (total cheese, I know)

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