Saturday, October 13, 2012

Operation FALLOUT Part 2

Remember when my kitchen looked like this?  
It wasn't my favorite, but after Operation FALLOUT, which was a direct result of Operation SPLINTER SPINDLES, we had a working kitchen. Not perfect, but much better. 
This past week my parents came down to visit! They live in Illinois and hadn't really had a chance to come see our new digs in Florida. But when they did come they came bearing gifts! My dad lays tile by trade and after each job he usually has a little bit left over. A few weeks ago he sent me a picture of this:
I had wanted something with glass, but also an earthy feel. This seemed perfect! So being the amazing dad that he is, he said he would bring it down when they were here to visit. What I didn't know is that he had to buy a few more boxes to make sure there was enough for my backsplash! He wouldn't let us pay for them and he even installed it while he was here visiting. BEST DAD EVER! Ben worked with my dad for about four years, so he helped. Below is the process in pictures. :) 
Ben cutting tile with a handsaw. We had limited equipment to work with.
Putting it up!
That's my dad :)
Grout. I was worried it would be too light, but we figured it would match the cabinet paint.
Ben wiping away the grout.
I helped a little bit.
And ta-dah! It's beautiful, yes? 
Now I just need curtains and some rugs to cover that ugly tile on the floor.  Someday we might be able to replace that.
A backsplash just makes it feel like a legitimate kitchen. Thanks, Dad!

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