Thursday, August 16, 2012


Take a good look at this picture and see what you can deduce from it.

Yep, that's my hubby. He's standing in our formal dining room. He's holding a spindle from 1985. He's smiling. And he's in his swim trunks.

Sometimes my patience run out. So I was sitting in our dining room waiting for Ben to come out of the bedroom so we could hit the beach for some much needed fun in the sun. I was thinking about the beach and how I needed to grab the sunscreen out of the office, the ugly office that we need to paint,  but the wallpaper in this room is even uglier, and those spindles. BEENNN! I basically told him that if he didn't remove at least one spindle I would. He looked at me and said, "If I remove one spindle, that means we have to redo the whole dining room and the kitchen." The picture above should tell you what my answer was.


Our home was built in 1985, so I guess spindles were in. They're not in anymore. I hated these spindles more than any other 80s fixture in the house, even more than the sailboat wallpaper in our bathroom. So I think it's a credit to my patience to have waited 7 months before having one of my "sudden obsessions" as Ben calls them. 

I couldn't help it though. They had to go and they had to go right now. 

After Ben placated my "debilitating need" to remove at least one spindle I realized it was like removing a bandaid slowly. We needed to rip it off quickly and all at once. 

Ta Da! So much better right! Now it was time for the beach, but only the beginning of our dining room/kitchen reno. Stay tuned for more chapters to this newest project!

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