Tuesday, August 14, 2012


One of my fears as my husband and I get closer and closer to teaching the Sympto-Thermal Method of Natural Family Planning through the Couple to Couple League is that I'll sound like the Peanuts' teacher.

I don't plan on actually making those noises per se (unless we get stage fright!), but I'm more worried that's all the students will hear when listening to us. I know that's about all I heard when someone tried to tell me about NFP for the first time during our pre-cana. Luckily it went something like:


At least I heard what I needed to for further down the road when I was ready to listen. So if you could pray that the students will have open minds during our preaching teaching, we'd really appreciate it (God too I think)!

The reason for my ramblings is because as of today our witness talk has been approved and our teaching materials are in the mail! We now enter the mentoring phase of our training to be certified teachers, which takes about six months, BUT we can teach during that time! So for all those anxious to sign up (stop beating down my door, please), we're in the process of confirming a time and location.

Though I joke about beating down my door, Ben and I have been pleasantly surprised at the response we've already had. We've only been yaking about it for four months while we've been training so I guess it finally wore a few people down. More than likely though God has readied their heart for the beauty of knowing their bodies more fully and finding a respect and admiration for their spouse that they didn't know was possible. Truly, I thought Ben might be overwhelmed by an ick factor when learning about all the phases of my body, but instead he's only respected and loved me more. Something I didn't know was possible. Such a good hubby. If you are single, I pray you find a spouse just like him and who's willing to talk about cervical mucus to boot!

Stay tuned for details on upcoming classes! And thanks for your prayers!

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