Sunday, June 30, 2013

Our Nursery: Anticipating a Little Girl

When Ben and I were touring our now home about a year and a half ago we couldn't help but picture one of the bedrooms as a nursery. In fact looking at the whole house we couldn't help but picture each room being used by a growing family. And as we've redone each room, they've all be in preparation for our future as the family God has planned for us. So now that we've put some finishing touches on the nursery, it feels like "mission accomplished" as my husband put it. It's all been in anticipation of this little girl (and maybe her brothers/sisters someday). We obviously are no where near finished fixing up this home, but we feel ready to bring a new little person into our home.

Of course the physical surroundings are minor and rather insignificant when it comes to preparing for a baby, but man is it fun to put together a nursery! Seriously I had a blast, especially when you consider where we started in this room! See below:

It was pretty blah. But now, at a month before the due date (!!!), I'm happy to reveal where my daughter will spend time playing, dreaming, and growing. It was a blast to put together, and it's probably not officially finished, but it's ready for her.

Soon to be daddy putting up a new ceiling fan! Bay is very interested.

Putting together the crib!

The next few photos are done by my sister at Check out her work if you get a chance.

Few sidebars: yes the room is blue and yes we are having a girl. I am a girly girl, but not necessarily a pink-on-pink-on-pink kind. And no there is not really a "theme." There are some owls and a lot of various prints, but that's about as far as a theme goes. Regardless, I'm so happy with it.

The Details:

Beautiful owl my mom had made sitting next to an ultrasound picture.

She has a lot of dresses. 

This photo was taken by me, but it wasn't quite ready when my sister was snapping photos. The doll on the shelf was one my mom made for me.

And since we haven't taken any maternity photos yet, Kelsey snapped a few of those in the nursery as well. 

I adore these curtains! They were my splurge :)

Bay was interested in the shoes.

Baby shoes are the cutest. 


We can't wait to meet you little girl! 

Thank you Kelsey for these wonderful memories in photos!

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JimmyandSarah said...

I actually sobbed when I read this (I know I am a dork). You have NO IDEA how grateful and happy I am that you and Ben got to turn that room into a nursery right away. I am so glad you were spared years of pain. Your post was also a reminder to me to thank God again for the room we first called "the nursery" that was painted a gender-neutral blue when we first bought our home. Though in a completely unconventional and unexpected way, in God's time it is now filled with a sweet baby. I CANNOT wait to meet your precious girl and am so happy for you and Ben!