Monday, June 10, 2013

Barbie Baby Shower

Thank you doesn't even begin to cut it in showing my gratitude for the shower my sister and friend threw me. Seriously, I'm just happy you both are having babies soon so I can do something in return for your little ones! So hugely blessed and thought I'd document via blog using the pictures my sister took. She's incredible talented behind the camera, so check her out at!

And yes, it's a girl if you couldn't tell by the vast amounts of pink. It was also Barbie themed because my sister and I were in love with the dolls as children. Kelsey has since gotten me something Barbie-related for many holidays as gifts and our parents actually got us the Disney princess Barbies last year for Christmas just for fun. Really happy I'm having a girl so we can put those to use someday.

The lovely ladies who threw me the amazing shower! They are due within about a week of each other in October!

My mom and I <3 I was so thrilled that she was able to be here for my shower. She left a lot of things back home (16 hours away) to be here for me and it meant so much.

The decor was so beautiful and very pink.

It's terrible, but I've been addicted to Lucky Charms during this pregnancy! 

Flowers and baby's breath and Barbie memorabilia everywhere!

We were ridiculously spoiled.

My friends are so talented that we got a lot of handmade items like this dress from my sister and a ton of other items that put my sewing skills to shame. 

And since I'm a bookworm, my sister asked that everyone bring books instead of cards. Love it!!

The ladies also made onsies of every size and wrote wishes and hopes for my baby girl to read someday. I was about in tears later as I was going through them.

Thank you so much to everyone who came and helped celebrate this new life, my daughter! 

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