Friday, July 6, 2012

You Don't Have a Soul

"You don't have a soul. You are a Soul. You have a body." - CS Lewis

July! That's the month before August. And August is our target month for being fully trained as NFP teachers through the Couple to Couple League. What was I thinking starting a blog during the thick of training! I must be crazy, but so far it's been fun. Prayers would be greatly appreciated regardless, however.
In an effort to get some information on our blog and to prepare ourselves for teaching a method of NFP, I've included two new tabs at the top of the page. One is a general "gist" of what NFP is. I was mortified during my research for this page to find that lumps NFP with the Rhythm Method and thus equates the effectiveness of the Rhythm Method with other methods of NFP. It is true that the Rhythm Method is one version of natural family planning, but let me assure you that there are much more effective methods for couples trying to achieve or hold off pregnancy that are both scientifically based and natural. To find out just how effective, take a moment to read the page. (I can't wait for you to go read it! It's 99.6 percent method effectiveness and 98.2 percent user effectiveness, but I will make you go read the page to find out the difference between the percentages.)
I also included a page about my personal story, and subsequently my husband's, as a birth control user of 10 years. I will hopefully get the chance to expand on that over the course of this blog, but I wanted to give readers my background on birth control. I understand what young women think about birth control from a variety of viewpoints because I've been in many of their shoes. I was all for it (obviously if I was addicted to it for 10 years), but I've broken the habit and couldn't be happier now that I know what my body is capable of. My bones and body are beautiful just the way they were created ... and so are yours.

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