Wednesday, July 15, 2015

2 Years Old

How is it possibly your birthday, little one? And yet, it feels like so much more time must have passed as you have just grown beyond measure this year. Last year you started walking, and this year you are twirling and running and jumping. You carry full conversations and have quirks all your own like how you call us "honey" since mama and daddy call each other that and singing is just the best way to pass the time. I am amazed daily at your intelligence and find my breath caught by your beauty so often. 

We're called to pray ceaselessly. I never mastered that and still haven't, but each day with you I find myself repeatedly thanking God, praying to Him for guidance on how to best raise you, and having full conversations with your guardian angel. You are definitely bringing me closer to God and heaven, and that's such a perfect gift. 

If you'd like to see some snapshots from the day, keep scrolling :) And thank you to everyone who sent cards, presents, videos, pictures, texts, whatever! It absolutely made my whole year to see how much this little person is loved. 

When she came out of her bedroom, she said, "wow!" upon seeing the decorations. We are princess obsessed right now.

Spoiled much?!

Nona and Poppy did good! She hopped right on.

How cute is that apron? Aunt Kelsey always makes her something from scratch!

The look on her face when she saw her princess dress! Priceless. She practically gasped.

This was her BIG birthday present that took 3 hours to assemble, but it was 75% off so we had to! She LOVED it. (Also, sneak peak of our new sunroom. It's 90% done, but not quite there yet! Post to come soon!)

So I was going to buy a birthday cake since the birthday girl requested a mermaid cake, but man are those things not cheap! So, sorry kid, you get mama's handiwork. 

She grew about 5 inches!

Happy Birthday, sweet girl. We love you.

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